DANAVI™ Home Dialysis Solution

DANAVI™ Home Dialysis is a smart Remote Patient Monitoring platform that has the ability to store, share and analyze patient’s health information before, during and after dialysis treatments. It enables monitoring of patients inside and outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in outpatient clinics and home.

DANAVI™ Home Dialysis provides physicians with the ability to monitor dialysis treatment in remote areas; therefore, increasing patients’ quality of life through better access to dialysis care at home or nearby clinics and potentially saves significant healthcare delivery costs. TeleDialisa™ enables healthcare providers to monitor their patients’ condition during dialysis treatment using Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted dialysis-specific monitoring algorithm that will trigger automated alerts and notifications when anomalies are detected.


  • Comfort and flexibility to receive dialysis treatment in the clinic or at home
  • AI-powered continuous vital signs monitoring and analysis
  • Ability to consult with healthcare professional during treatment
  • Maintain treatment compliance through automated reminders
  • Automated report generation and delivery to responsible physicians
  • Secure, simple to use and setup

DANAVI™ Home Dialysis Platform Components

  • DANAVI™ Gateway – a simple device to collect data from dialysis equipment and other periphery devices at patients’ site and transfer the data securely to DANAVI™ Home Dialisys cloud service
  • DANAVI™ Cloud Service – cloud based service for secure storage and real-time analysis of data from DANAVI™ gateways
  • DANAVI™ Analytic Service – AI-based data analytic software that monitors for potential adverse events and deliver notifications or alerts to caregivers

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Note: DANAVI™ Home Dialysis Solution is not yet available for sale in the U.S.